Chamomile Floral Water / Toner Water 100ML Bottle



Camomile Floral Water / Toner Water

Excellent base for facial toners and cosmetics- tone, hydrate, sooth and refresh dry and sensitive skin.

Made in the UK. Vegan.

  1. Camomile floral water has soothing and calming properties making it helpful in refreshing dry and sensitive skin. It can also help to reduce redness, blemishes, and some skin irritations.
  2. Floral water is a wonderful natural skin toner and has many skin conditioning properties. Including toning, tightening pores, promoting healing, soothing, and refreshing the skin and most importantly it is perfect for hydrating the skin.
  3. Floral waters have been used for centuries to tone and tighten pores. Cleopatra used rose water in her face masks due to the floral waters wonderful ability to hydrate the skin.
  4. Floral Water is created from the condensed water that remains after the steaming distillation of an herb during the process of making essential oils. It is completely safe you use on the skin directly.
  5. Gently refresh your skin. The ideal final touch to a cleansing ritual.


Get the Cleopatra Feel!


How to use Floral Waters:

Can be used directly on the skin. Using a cotton pad gently apply the toner to your skin. This can be repeated daily.


Add our floral waters to our clay facial masks to create your own bespoke mask and see the benefits to on your skin.

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