Magnificent Floral Fizzes



Magnificent Floral Fizzes

Have a magical bath time!

  • 200g of pure bath fizz. Scrumptiously scented and lavishly decorated, the perfect little treat for yourself or as a gift idea.
  • Coming in a variety of unique scents and colours making your bath smell wonderful.



Passion Fashion: Made from ylang ylang essential oil, rose fragrance and dried rose petals. Has a wonderful sweet and floral scent.
Dream in Blue: Made from chamomile and clary sage essential oil, a hint of vanilla scent and dried chamomile petals. Has a wonderful aromatic scent, mellowed with sweet vanilla. 
Lay back and Languish: Made from lavender and marjoram essential oil and with lavender flowers.
AliveAlive!:  Made from peppermint, geranium and rosemary essential oil and with dried mint.
Force of Nature: Made from chamomile and honey fragrance, with dried chamomile flowers for a sweet and floral bath.
Romantic Rebel: Made from lavender and patchouli essential oils, with a touch of rose fragrance and dried rose petals. This will have your bath smelling floral and romantic, making you want to relax and unwind.
Star Struck: Made from a mix of star anise, orange, and lime essential oils, and finished with dried star anise seeds. This fizz has a spicy, citrus fragrance. 

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Weight 50 kg

AliveAlive!, Dream in Blue, Force of Nature, Lay Back & Languish, Passion Fashion, Pear Drop, Romantic Rebel, Star Struck


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