Sage Smudging & Spirituality Set


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Smudging Gift Set

Cleanse your home, cleanse your Aura, rid those negative influences, and heal!

Connect to the spiritual realm with the smudging kit full of healing goodies.

Anxiety Relief. Anti-Stress. Meditate!

The perfect gift for yourself or a friend who enjoys meditating and positive energy vibs.

The Sage smudging gift set contains:
1x Blue Sage Stick
1x White Sage Stick
1x Smudge Dish
1x Palo Santo Stick
4x Gemstones
1x Tribal Soul Incense White Sage Sticks with Feather

A little bit about each item:

Blue and White Sage Stick: A long history used to connect to the spiritual realm. Burning before meditation and prayer to cleanse your aura and your home environment. The burning of sage is a great ally against stress.

Smudge Dish: A beautiful shell dish to hold your burning smudge sticks.

Palo Santo Stick: A Holy Wood used like sage sticks to clear the aura and heal from negative influences.

Gemstones: Are considered to be a talisman or symbol of good luck and different gems have different properties. It is theorized that the vibration energy of the stones can change the vibrations of a person’s aura. Stones in the box set include:

  • Rock Crystal: A universal healing crystal
  • Tiger Eye: Release fear & anxiety. Aids harmony & balance.

Tribal Soul Incense White Sage Sticks with Feather: These beautiful sticks have been smothered with incense for filling your home with the scent of white sage and palo santo. Each packet comes with a feather to fan the cleansing and healing smoke around your home!

Order sage smudging gift set for your loved ones and get them free from all evil influences. High quality ensured. Fast shipping in UK. Place your order now!

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